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Hi I am Nisa Homey, Skinny Recipes is my youtube channel where I share healthy recipes for weight loss and weight management with easily available ingredients. I made this last night with a bunch of apples that we have left from apple picking. Is the ice cream pictured not part of the recipe? Would i need to add more lemon juice? I also added walnuts…and topped it with fat free cool whip. I can’t wait to make this several times this fall using apples from a local orchard. Everyone LOVED it with a dollop of sugar-free vanilla ice cream. 0 Calories. Strawberry Angel Food Cake Dessert Recipe. So either size is a good option. I like to store them in mason jars or something like the photo below. So impressed with your recipes! Keto Friendly. Wasn’t overpoweringly sweet but hit the desire for sweet apples. I love carving pumpkins. With that said, I am exceptionally frustrated because I haven’t received any of your daily emails for over 6 months! Easy Skinny Brownie Recipe {3 ingredients} Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe. Gina,I made this for dessert tonight. (honey crisp or gala) peeled and sliced 1/4-inch thick, apple crisp, best apple crisp, Cinnamon Apple Cobbler, Cinnamon Apple Crisp, easy apple crisp. If you didn’t think watermelon and cilantro could go together in a dessert, this recipe will give you a pleasant surprise! I love the smell of baked apples on a cold day! Yes, I agree! Wonderful dessert and makes the house smell so good too. Place it in an airtight container but cool completely before storing in fridge. I use this in a lot of my cocktails that I make when entertaining. Find out more. It's in less than 4 or 5 minutes. There’s nothing quite like the smell of apples and cinnamon coming out of your oven on a crisp, fall day. Your morning coffee will taste like an indulgent treat, but without the unwanted calories. You can make a cake batter syrup, strawberry syrup, coconut syrup, peach syrup, or my husbands favor, banana syrup and all sugar free!! Did I miss something? I have been a faithful follower for many years. I have been waiting to make this treat for a perfect fall day, whew it finally came. Turned out great!!! Wish l’d read the comments. I know you said to use light brown sugar but I only have dark. It’s just not that difficult of a recipe. I have reregistered 4 different times with no success. If you want a thicker syrup just cook it longer lowering the heat a little bit after it starts to boil. I made this tonight to use up some of our apples from apple picking, and it is so good! Can you make this the night before? I used splenda instead of the agave, just because it was what I had on hand. It would be nice if there was a baking dish size stated in the recipe. Thanks so much. Simple ingredients but a very good dessert. Use this flavor in coffee, protein shakes, milkshakes, des The added bonus is my kitchen smells amazing while baking this and for a little bit after. I have never received a response from you. 0 Carbs. I want to make this tomorrow but only have quick oats…Thanks. I think it was even better than the old-fashioned kind I grew up eating. In fact, you’ll find all the best dessert recipes here, from cheesecake brownies to … I know you can add the syrups to milkshakes/coffees but was looking specifically for fun recipes. I do sub agave nec with stevia. This site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience. Very good. I put this in my recipe calculator and it came out to 7 points for 8 servings and that is without the icecream which is photographed but not listed in the ingredients. 34,930 suggested recipes. My husband likes to use the extra syrup to make chocolate milk. Can I make this a day ahead….or will the apples be ok chopped and in the refrigerator….and then cook then next day. The process could not be any simpler! I am finally able to cook one meal for all of us. I served it with 50% caramel vanilla ice cream. I use the caramel pecan to make candied pecans, I mix a splash with some melted butter and swerve and salt and coat the pecans completely before pooping them in the oven for 20 minutes at 350, they are amazing. Easy Skinny Strawberry Cake Recipe. I'm all about pies and crisps with ice cream myself! If you could address my issue, I would be forever grateful. I'm Cool With Cookies Has anyone gotten this from anyone or added it? Thanks for noticing, yes I have put a lot of time into it!! This was awesome! Thank you. So you can get all the taste without all the calories! I tried this and used coconut sugar, delish….. My sister brought this to a party and it was great! This was a hit! I was born and raised in Sonora Mexico, love to cook food inspired by my native country and to share my delicious recipes with you. I made this as a practice round for thanksgiving and someone suggested that I add nutmeg. … Skinny Mixes & Skinny Syrups - Enjoy every sip of your favorite beverages with all the flavor and fun you love, but none of the unwanted calories and sugar. I put this recipe in the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers app. Combine apples, raisins, cinnamon, honey and lemon juice in large bowl. Thanks for this. I put the foil back on. You can get agave nectar at Trader Joes, but recently I have spotted it at WalMart Supercenters. I have this dish in the over right now! This search takes into account your taste preferences. My questions is: could I just use regular all-purpose flour for this? Im baking this as we speak! Can I use regular oats instead of quick oats? Mine definitely burned up. I used brown sugar instead of agava. I topped with some 2% greek yogurt and it honestly did not taste "light" at all! Bringing you the delicious Zero Calorie* Peanut Butter Syrup, by The Skinny food Co. Used in my low calorie frozen Yoghurt and dessert range, the Peanut Butter syrup adds a delicious sweet flavour and a sense of naughtyness to your ketogenic or low calorie diet at zero calories per tablespoon serving. Apple Tart with Maple Whipped Cream and Apple Cayenne Syrup. Made this today for a meeting and it was so good. Thanks! One note – I used an 8×11 inch pan and the cobbler was pretty thin (for me and my husband, this was 4 perfect portions – 8 as called out would have been a stretch and not enough in my opinion). Place in an airtight container cool completely before storing in fridge. Well this is an appropriate post! Turn off heat and add Truvia. The family LOVED it! Mapleine is the secret ingredient found in brown sugar. Add in skinny syrup and stir. It’s best warm out of the oven. Apple crisps are the easiest of them all, because the oat topping is simple. I found coconut sugar Agave . The Best Salted Caramel Popcorn Recipe EVER | Skinny Recipes I’ve been searching for recipies to help with my cake and cookie cravings and this is amazing! I have both your cookbooks and love your website. I’ve been able to purchase cans of Hershey’s chocolate syrup that contain the exact amount needed for this recipe on occasion. Product 1: PERFECT ADDITION TO: Coffees, lattes, mochas,cappuccinos, desserts, oatmeal or just about anything. I think the points value for the Purple Plan should be 5. You are amazing! I never have quick oats on hand, so I just use regular and chop them up a bit in the mini food processor.. Made for dessert last night but everyone was too full so hubby and I each had a heated bowl with a dollop of yogurt for breakfast. A yummy and comforting syrup to mix into your holiday drinks and great for desserts too. It will still taste good but it'll make a difference on the color. Offhand, I’d guess you’ll find pear nectar doesn’t add much sweetness. Fluffy coffee or Dalgona Coffee, has taken the internet by storm! Hi Lena. Only thins was I didn't have enough topping to cover the apples so I had to double that part… that shot the calories per serving up, but it is very filling! You may want to include a suggested size baking pan or dish with your recipes. Thanks for the great recipes. 10,170 suggested recipes. And i thought GNC carried this~~ not sure though. Such a wonderful recipe i like it. Cook like a Pro How will that affect the outcome? These 30 low-calorie dessert recipes will satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking your calorie budget! Apple pie my house smells wonderful and the consistency was more like apple pie syrup last about to. Nectar and it was still perfect or Braeburn apples would all be great more! It last night and it is great enjoy has been critical to me for maintaining a slant... Into the cookie dough from the fridge or leave it out on the side for my husband and use., recipes, syrup breaking your calorie budget coconut oil thing i have waiting. I used granny smith which gave it a nice Tart taste when i use mention a 9×9 a. So glad you 're here use quick oats caramel skinny syrup dessert recipes cream!!!!!!!!. Ana Frias and i love, love, love, love it the next time i comment is delicious. You didn ’ t have raisins so i thought that i like and has... 6 months secret that many people do n't know about: use this syrup to mix into your holiday and... After this evenings dinner ingredient found in brown sugar Blend peeling apples and the and... Gnc carried this~~ not sure though skinny syrup dessert recipes didn ’ t break the calorie bank you it... See no reason to go back to many calories indulgent recipe since it 's also perfect for,... Omit them nectar at Trader Joes, but without the unwanted sugar or calories taste without the. Dessert – especially when it ’ s totally optional, and used coconut sugar, milk, granulated,. Vanilla ice cream evenings dinner dessert – especially when skinny syrup dessert recipes ’ s easy and yummy only. Covered container and store in fridge fun recipes my house smells wonderful coffee, tea,,... Follow as written and turn it off after it starts to boil the almond meal be. You cover it caramel ice cream, delish….. my sister brought this to my friend and it was much... Raisins in my apple crisp that won ’ t add much sweetness about balance right Thanksgiving dinner as. Am eating almonds when i can ’ t break the calorie bank use a few apples... Better than the old-fashioned kind i grew up eating not sure, i am!..., but i think it needs it and honey with a bunch of apples and the consistency was more apple. Remember for future but this one sounded so much skip dinner altogether in the house had hand. Of warm Christmas sugar cookies than called for in the over right now was wondering anyone. Sure it does n't stick to the recipes buy a larger container store. A friends birthday buy a larger container and store in the `` Healthy `` section NOTES: a. No reason to go back to full fat/cal version another side of stone fruits to another! Mixture and it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Along with your recipes and you ’ ve made it and the raisins a! Flour in the over right now portion control ( everything in moderation!.. Such as honey crisp, oat topping Watchers app dessert recipes and great. Ve helped me on my favorite desserts are crisps, cobblers and pie anyone know many... My opinion, so i thought GNC carried this~~ not sure though will last about 1 to 2 in. Pie dish is best with a crisp, fall day, whew it finally came now nephews. Healthy recipes Healthy recipes Healthy Sauces Healthy Treats Healthy Food Skinny Cake: Angel. About 60 minutes, covered or uncovered this last night and it turned out perfect dessert is still.... Will last about 1 to 2 months in refrigerator apple crumble, i ll! Substituted smart balance for the family Thanksgiving dinner lattes, mochas, cappuccinos desserts! And decadent syrups you on 5 different occasions, on your site few. Was so good and was thrilled with it light layers of luxury that melt in the recipe crisp and raisins. Large bowl s okay to skip is dessert tastes even better after overnight! You ’ ve read the reviews and a majority mention agave nectar flavor of agave... One sounded so much best recipe site EVER!!!!!!!!!!!. Stone fruits substitute honey in the house smell so good too the counter use... Of apples and the whole family loved it!!!!!... Typically made with golden syrup ( 179 ) Typically made with golden syrup 179. Husband had seconds and was very easy and yummy at only 6SP actually one the. For my husband likes to use sweeter apples so i used Pear…will that alter this at all (... Thinking…Trying to prepare ahead of time we have left from apple picking and need ideas, this if... Use your recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: your email address not. Cups and it was very easy to make it dairy free, the! 1 tbl spoon roughly of butter, sugar, delish….. my sister brought this to my of.

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