chompie's low carb bread reviews

Both I can live with because once again....I can have bread again!!! By far, the BEST low carb bread out there! Even though I bought for my hubby, I love it too! I find that if you toast the bread, the odd texture is minimized somewhat. I highly recommend! It doesn't taste low carb. I might even say, this is better than any other non-diet specific cinnamon breads that are being sold. It works great as a binder for meatloaf. This bread is fantastic, the texture is just like real bread not spongy or stiff. Tastes just like real bread! I love, love, love this bread. Thank you. This is by far, THE BEST, Low Carb bread that I have EVER tasted. Going to weigh cost to benefit on Keto. I found this low carb product several years ago and have been a fan ever since my first bite. It taste very close to regular bread. Do not have too many choices out there, so using some form of bread without carbs is a plus, but would rather have a piece of lettuce instead of this crap. One of the best flavored and textured low-carb breads I have found. I've been trying 4 different brands of low carb bread and Chompies is by far the winner! Multigrain is fantastic too! Thanks Chompies!! Better one I’ve tried so far. All positive reviews›. Based on the 5 star reviews I bought two loaves of this bread, cinnamon raisin and sesame. Regular size slices, lots of sesame seeds on the crust, toasts great. It’s soft, like real bread, unlike most of them which taste like cardboard. This bread has the same smell, taste, texture and size as wheat bread. been through a lot of these low carb breads. I'm glad I found this, and will order another big batch when the weather gets cooler. Not likely to buy the raisins one again. THANK YOU❤. EASY....NO Baking. Very high fiber, so its win-win. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Overall it was definitely one of the better low carb breads I have tried. I LOVE this bread! They delivered very fast with excellent packaging. Uncategorized. The only negative things I can think of is it is slightly a bit more chewy than regular bread and it’s more expensive. It was so good! Froze both loaves, and cut a slice in half and toasted it. This is absolutely the best sliced bread, and it has all the satisfaction of any loaf bread you've ever eaten. Its so good. I have only tried it toasted so can't speak to how it is without that but it is wonderful with my egg at lunchtime. But I would definitely recommend. It's the closest to regular bread that I've had while being low card. The reason why I don’t recommend this is because the first time I purchased the sesame bread it was awesome so I purchased it again and this time it was not good. I’ve tried other brands and for a grilled cheese they worked but cold sandwich other brand taste like cardboard. Chompies would not supply lab results for true carb content. I add a small amount of butter and about a TBS of whipped cream cheese to each piece after toasting and it tastes almost exactly like a cinnamon raisin bagel. I have tried other well known low carb bread brands and really like the taste and texture of Chompie's. Consult your LOR about making hamotzie, but the packaging indicates that it's acceptable for this purpose. The Multigrain and Sesame are good, too. Doesn’t really help to toast as lightly toasted, why bother, and dark toasted, inedible. This is really a nice, substantial bread with a really great taste. This low carb bread is really good, closest to "real" bread I have tasted in months. We use only the finest ingredients in our High-0Protein / Low-Carb bread. First time purchasing. Its alright toasted but changes it a little. I ordered more! I bought the Cinnamon Raisin and the MultiGrain bread as they were out of stock for the Sesame at the time, so I am NOT reviewing the Sesame Seed. Best low carb and low sodium bread I have found , bit pricy but taste , texture , and nutrition very good . Very good for a low carb bread - could use a little more cinnamon taste... Best low carb bread I've tried. This actually impressed me. I really love this bread for cold sandwiches. The taste is great and the perfect addition to a low-carb eating plan. It kind of smelled like bread, but the taste was like (what I imagine) eating a kitchen sponge would be. With only 2 grams Net Carbs per serving, this diabetic-friendly bread lets you eat smart without sacrificing great taste! This bread is absolutely the best I have ever eaten with low carbs / high protein... With this by my family's side we have lost over 25 lbs each within the last 3 weeks. In fact, it is the only one I buy now. When you toast it, it gets toasty on the outside but still soft on the inside. Low calories,,,,low carb count ,,,high protein . So far the best tasting bread!!! I'm so happy I can get them here on! I started buying it from Netrition because the bread goes pretty fast when my store gets their order. I have had their multigrain and cinnamon bread and can honestly say that this is the only brand of bread that resembles the real thing, and trust me I have tried all of the breads out there. You actually feel like you have added bread back into your diet and daily life. Excellent bread. The texture, taste, etc. Looked and tasted like toast. Chompies would not supply lab results for true carb content. Had been craving it for a while. It gives me the best "real bread" satisfaction. Wouldn't even know it's low carb!! I love the bread toasted or grilled. Check out the price on Amazon for 2 loaves! I have never put bread in the freezer, but did so. There is a sweetness in this and the sesame that is too strong. Tastes fresh. They have a LOT of flavor, too--nuanced and more complex than other low-carb breads. I ended up throwing it away. Buy it. I may be in the minority here, but I really did not like this bread. I purchased chompies bread for the first time and fell in love with it! Due to the nutrition I honestly thought it would be hard as a rock and flavors less or just bad tasting. When I ordered Chompies I was not expecting it to be that good--I would have been happy with something just OK. My first bite took me to my childhood (I'm 78 years old). Tastes and acts like any bread... 3 net carb BLTs !! The price is excellent! In fact, I almost cried tears of joy because I made toasted cinnamon raisin and it was heavenly. Chompie's is thick sliced too. Low carb and very tasty. The best you can buy!! My favorite low carb bread. I have had it plain as a sandwich. Was really looking forward to having some bread but this doesn't taste like bread. I will still buy the Chompies rolls, but I will also buy the Chompies bread. The slices are regular size. Hands down the best. TASTES GREAT!! Mmm. I like the convenience that it is in the freezer so anytime I want a piece of bread I just pull it out. I just ordered three more packages. It's that good. For what it is (a very low-carb sliced bread), I don't think you're going to find a better alternative. I prefer the cinnamon raisin vs the multigrain. This is the only keto bread I enjoy. Delicious! If you love multi grain bread as I you will love this. I would have given this 5 stars but both loaves I ordered had a big hole running all the way through it, making it difficult to use with any type of condiment without it oozing through. The texture is a little chewy but overall it had a great taste and I will order it again! This is quite good! Bread is very good, great for grilled cheese. I bought this item two different times. Toasts perfectly. Will continue buying. Pretty much every day, I enjoy toasting a slice of this bread and having it as a snack with peanut butter or cream cheese. There is not a lot of taste, but it is the consistency of cheap bread and the taste is not off-putting. When i use it for toast, it comes out with the inside still soft. Best tasting low carb bread I have ever had. It … this is my third order and may try the cinnamon next but will continue to order these breads. But I will continue to make my own low carb bread and keep a loaf of this in the freezer in case I don’t feel like baking. LOVE THIS RYE BREAD .....with only 1 carb it makes bacon and eggs even better! REALLY good texture for a low carb bread. I bought the Sesame and the cinnamon raisin. Love it so much. I've tried both the cinnamon raisin and multigrain so far, and both are delicious and have an incredible texture. I also love that the bread gives me a protein boost because I struggle with getting enough protein. I have ordered both flavors twice now, and I am truly happy with both textures and no wierd off tastes!! It is actually soft like real bread but without the carbs and has flavor! The taste is great, the texture is good, and they’re quite filling. Maybe better. After the first try I knew I needed to get a few more loaves in my pantry. Truth is Chompies Bread's ruined me for any other kind of LC/keto bread. I ended up throwing the whole loaf away. Basically looking for a larger, thinner slice. Texture and flavor make it the best I’ve tried. Puts all low carb breads to shame. It is a little, not a lot, dry. Do be aware though that low-carb breads generally have a different texture than wheat flour breads, sometimes described as sponge-like. I think the bread is great! I had to jump back on and order more and different varieties! This is the best low carb bread...tastes and toasts like "regular" bread. It’s perfect for sandwiches! This tastes like real bread. I discovered this by accident and had no expectations. But not eggy. It tastes and feels like carb version of whole wheat bread. I was very surprised by the taste and how soft this bread is, my bread loving husband doesn't know the difference. It has such a great taste and texture and much better than others on the market. Slices are relatively thick. I tasted this right out of the package and I have to say, it's pretty good for low carb bread! It tastes pretty similar to regular bread. It's fluffy, and not nearly as sponge-like as other brands I've tried. Have tried other brands and had to throw away they tasted so nasty. It is great for sandwiches or just toasted ... some may find that its a bit on the chewy side but the trade off is great flavor that goes very well with almost anything you would put into a sandwich . I order and have it delivered, putting in the freezer what i don’t need right away. I didn't care for the texture. I definitely will buy it again. It is indistinguishable from higher-carb bread in my opinion. This one is very good. Just had a grilled cheese sandwich. The bread is delicious! I liked it and will order again. Like most "carb friendly" breads it's a tiny spongy but this is the best toasting bread I've had thus far and I've tried four different brands and made two different ones at home. Helps so much to hold my weight and let me take an easy lunch too. And, to be honest, most of the bread "substitutes" aren't that great, mostly tasting like sand and having the consistency of plywood. If you're on some special health-related diet plan where you can't eat bread, but you need bread for some reason (say, like a certain day of the week where you need to eat 2-3 meals wherein each meal prominently features blessings over bread), this is the product for you. I see a satisfying grilled cheese sandwich in my future. $ 16) … The flavor of the cinnamon is great especially if you toast it. Thanks for a great product. I may not ever have even tried this bread if not for that! I may try their multigrain bread to see how that works. I've tried all three varieties and they're all quite good. I unfroze it and it was just as good as when it arrived. We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. The other 3 were OK.....The bread it self is great and I will order more. The slices are big and thick and perfect for sandwiches. Surprisingly good bread and great toasted. I will be buying more. It really is awesome though! Ordering again & trying another flavor, Overall very good (I keep low carb bread frozen and toast it as I use it.) Great flavor!!!! Furthermore, Thank you so much! The bread cooked this way is just a bit sponge e. It is otherwise very light and tasty. This is the best keto bread out there. Bread has a sweetness to it and a slightly bitter after taste, which made it not taste like a neutral slice of white bread. What a treat! Perfect for keto! This is my favorite bread! I can have cinnamon raisin French toast, Grilled cheese and bacon and any sandwich I want. AND the texture is so close to "real" bread it's amazing, it is a little on the pricey side but it is good. Tastes better very toasted I gave it one more try for Thanksgiving and even mixed with onions, celery, apples, chicken broth, and poultry seasoning, the bitterness came right through. Love the size of the slices! I will be buying this again and again and again! Can't wait to try making grilled cheese with it. Second time buying this - I've had the sesame and I'm now trying the multi-grain. They have really figured out how to make low-carb bread that is as good as any store-bought loaf. If you're eating low-carb, it gives you a chance at a sense of normal life. Tastes like regular cinnamon raisin bread. There's a problem loading this menu right now. It is absolutely the closest to regular bread in flavor and texture, in my opinion!! Will be sticking with Sola and Great Low Carb Bread, no spikes with either, and both companies provide labs and great service :) Extremely disappointed with Chompies and sorry I even bought it. Now, however, the toasted, buttered slice, half uneaten, is still sitting on the table, while I decide what to do with it - it is really bad! I haven't tried the 3rd flavor they offer yet, but will and with the first 2 being winners I expect it to be as good also. If you have ever tried the P28 bread this is similar in taste and texture, but even better macro wise. It is good tasting but the texture is best when I have something on it, like low carb jelly, or when I make a sandwich of 2 slices. I am a type1 Diabetic and this bread is wonderful. Is it like eating a slice of fresh sourdough or wonder bread?? Before keto, toast was my most favorite breakfast food and to say I've missed it is an understatement. It doesn't taste like eggs for one thing and toasts really well. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. I have tried so many breads and so many 'keto' bread recipe's that I was at the point of giving up.. Due to the expense of 'trying' a loaf of this and a loaf of that, I almost didn't try this one at all.. Have placed another order for 3 more loaves. This bread, when toasted, is the closest to REAL bread that I've found. I really liked the taste and happy to find some Keto friendly bread, but it is sliced way too thick. At 1 net carb per slice, go ahead and use two perfectly cut slices to make that sandwich. Very tasty bread, I can't tell it's low carb. Low carb breads will never be their counterparts. It toasts up can make a grilled cheese to die for if you are doing keto (which I am). 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful, 0 of 1 people found the following review helpful, 1 of 2 people found the following review helpful, 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful, 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful, 7 of 7 people found the following review helpful, 4 of 5 people found the following review helpful, Available in Strawberry or Brown Sugar Cinnamon. This is the best low carb bread I’ve eaten. Love, love, love this bread. Very thigh slices, which I usually cut into 2 slices. I already recommended it to keto friends. Delicious!!! This bread was soft, moist and flavorful and actually got brown when toasted! Delicious! We prefer the sesame seed and cinnamon raisin varieties over the multigrain. Will purchase again. Hard to believe it’s so low in carb and sugar. It tastes and feels so much like regular whole wheat bread. It's hard to find good breads for diabetics. I will definitely order this again :). I came across the Cinnamon Raisin bread and I love it. If you're thinking it is too expensive for a loaf. It was a little dense and chewy, the flavor was very good. I've missed cinnamon raisin since I went keto, and this hits all the right spots when I want toasty deliciousness in the morning for breakfast, and at only 2 net per slice, it's perfect! I can have toast in the morning again and an actual sandwich. I think maybe it’s suited more for French toast. Great low carb bread! The one net carb per slice makes it completely keto friendly! Best bread ever and toasts perfectly on toaster. Based on the overall glowing reviews, I ordered the Multigrain & Cinnamon Raisin. Toasted improves the overall texture. I am a recent bariatric surgery patient. It was ok, a little dry and chewy, but it’s better then no bread. Great taste. It makes fabulous toast, great grilled cheese or just plain sandwiches because it is very soft. Put some Kerrygold on and it is spectacular! Finally I can eat bread!!! As a Type 1 Diabetic all carbs have to be counted not just net carbs so most breads are off the menu. Didn't notice the sweetness others found. A little disappointed in toasting as it does not brown well. This one looks and feels like bread, toasts like bread and best of all tastes like bread. When toasted, it almost tastes like french toast. Excellent bread and flavor. Love this bread but has anyone else had issue with the large holes in each slice? It tastes like bread. Chompies bread is the best Keto bread on the market. Consistency and texture is just like regular bread! It’s OK. It is MUCH better toasted than plain. This completes me. It's pretty good for a low carb bread. I was able to get all the ingredients right here at Netrition. I usually buy the Thinslim Foods bread, but since they were out of my favorite flavor, I thought I would try this bread instead. It is NOT like eating white bread, more like a whole wheat texture. Turns out I got the last loaf that day at Sprouts. The net carb content was too high for what I needed. Fantastic for toast and french toast. Each morning, I butter one side of 2 pieces of bread and place them on a pan until they are toasted. Netrition can't really even do much about it - they put their frozen breads in a separate box within the box and it still arrives like that. It’s just as soft but more of a hardy bread that goes great with soups. NOTE: This is specific to the cinnamon raisin version. I feel like it's such a treat to have bread and the flavor is wonderful. A turkey, cheddar, spicy mustard and mayo on Chompie's bread is my lunch go-to. As it's new to me I haven't tried it yet, but I would be willing to bet this or cinn raisin as french toast?? I have lost 25 lbs using Chompies products along with a sensible diet. I will probably purchase this again. I'm sorry to say this but I do not like this bread. Awesome taste and texture for a low carb bread! This bread is SO good!! Altho it was nice to have a sandwich finally the bread was way too chewy for my likings. The best low carb bread i've had yet!! Yay! Not as tasty as whole grain rough style bread --- but is very very good for a sandwich without all of the carbs. I tried it toasted under turkey and gravy, and it's texture got a smidge spongey, but for a keto friendly toast, you can't beat it. Pretty good. The bread is delicious. The sesame is really good for grilled cheese or for toast. I read the label and they add stevia. The 1 net carb per slice allows me to use it to satisfy my craving, and not mess up my WOE. Now, if they can make low carb bagels! If it's the multigrain bread, I spread Walden Farms Raspberry Jam on the toasted sides. Enjoy low carb sliced bread, pita breads, tortilla wraps, and flat breads. Not overly sweet, great texture. The slices were thick, and it arrived feeling and tasting fresh. (Toasting improves the flavor and texture of every low carb bread I've tried.) I've tried LOTS of low carb bread. My husband made me order 6 more loaves to freeze. Thank you. Super happy! Also, Netrition you guys deserve huge props as I always receive my orders next day as long as the order is placed by 2ish, friggen awesome. It is amazing. I'm not a novice low-carber. Helps me stay keto. The first loaf was fine - then the 2nd one, I found to have a huge hole down the center of the loaf - all but 2 slices on that loaf were unuseable for anything other than toad in the hole (fried egg cooked inside a slice of bread). I’ve used this as cheeseburger buns Or with egg sandwiches! Definitely recommend you try the regular flavor (multigrain) and also the cinnamon raisin flavor because it makes wonderful French toast. Slices are normal to thick, not super thin. Has a pleasant taste, and texture. Great for sandwiches or just buttered with a meal. Of all the bread products marketed as low carb foods that I’ve tried, by taste alone, Chompies is probably the best. But like other low-carb breads I've tried before, it had an unpleasant texture. They are a game changer for me!!!! It is the most like "real" bread in texture and taste. Will be sticking with Sola and Great Low Carb Bread, no spikes with either, and both companies provide labs and great service :) Extremely disappointed with Chompies and sorry I even bought it. But when it's right out of the bag,for a sandwich,its better! * Chompies low-clow-carb bread products are like no others. Love them both. This a wonderful bread with 1 net carb per slice! This bread is amazing! This is the best low carb bread I have ever tried. It's a chewy bread to begin with, and the slices are unusually thick, making it kind of hard to chew. Now I'm ordering the multigrain. It's only 1 net carb per slice. I’m placing a new order now and getting more this time. Great consistency, like regular bread. This is not too bad, especially when toasted. Most low carb bread gets really tough/hard when toasted and smells unpleasant. Very delicious! Runner up is Great Low Carb bread. etc.. I will definitely buy again. It is hard for me to believe this product got such good ratings. Good taste. I love the texture and the sesame seeds. I have used it in the toaster. I love it for pb&j sandwiches. I’m really impressed with how much I love this bread ! I take a frozen slice, toss it in the toaster, then put (vegan) butter on it, and it's a great snack. It had bounce in the bread which gave it that much needed "carb satisfaction". Way to much money $28 for 2 loaves. Going to try to make keto bread pudding with it! It could be 1/8th" less, making sandwiches product to bread ratio more normal. I've been making my own low carb bread for a year and just discovered this bread. I don't plan to buy it again as the bread taste is off and not enjoyable. It is thick cut like regular bread. Gives a great sweet/savory flavor. This bread is softer than Carb Krunchers (which I also like toasted) and it makes a nice change. After trying this Sesame Bread I do not buy any other .Its fabulous. Whole wheat is not keto. This bread was tasty and soft. Sometimes I just use it as a late night snack or dessert. You have shown people it really isn’t that hard to create a good low carb bread. In a nutshell it is awful. We keep loaves of this in the freezer and take out the slices as we need them. My next experiment with the bread will be French toast. I can now enjoy sandwiches..french toast..and regular toast. So “bread like”! Texture is nice not too dense. Reviewed in the United States on March 1, 2020. Don’t take this the wrong way but I so am glad you were out of the sesame Bread. It taste delicious toasted I had a grilled cheese sandwich the other day that was to die for. Chompies is MIND-BLOWINGY good, irregardless of it being LC/keto. worthwhile low carb worth trade off to me. I've tried both the cinnamon and multigrain and both are great. I agree with other reviewers: Better than GLCBC (more like "real" bread); would love to see this in a thinner sliced version; tastes a bit sweet, which doesn't prohibit me from buying it but it's something I'm aware of when eating it. I like that there are no preservatives. Fantastic!! is perfection! Used the cinnamon raisin for French toast! I will always keep this on hand. The crust is a little tough, but when you toast it the crust softens a little. This goes for the Multi Grain and Cinnamon Raisin. Like chewing on a sponge and the taste wasn't great either. Hubby likes multigrain for sandwiches, and really loves cinnamon with raisins for his breakfast toast. The bread part is pretty good, toasts well also. I've tried several keto breads and this one is a top choice. It is the closest in taste to regular bread. I've been a low-carb eater for decades, and have had my share of breads that I do eat (and enjoy) just because I know they are better for me. Best low carb bread of all, and I've tried them all! Such a treat when you are eating low carb. Will definitely buy again. I can't believe it is low carb! We use only the finest ingredients in our Low-Carb rolls. The taste is good and this bread is very moist. I was SO disappointed after trying this, as it had raving reviews on here. Will be buying again! Rated 5 out of 5. This product is very good however from 4 adults living in my home....larger loaf but thinner slices. I love making grilled peanut butter and jam sandwiches for lunch. Wish they made low carb bagels. This is the moistest low carb bread I've tried. But there is a strange aftertaste. One of the better brands that I have tried. We are both doing keto and being able to have sandwiches again is a game changer. It doesn't taste or feel like food at all. Netrition and its associates are not responsible for product Toasts nicely. I highly recommend. With this, as well as the others, there is an odd texture when chewing. This is one of the best breads we've found, but both my hubby and I find the crust off putting - it's realllllllllllllllllllllly chewy. Awesome bread... crunchy, chewy low carb- hi protein- will def. Not a lot of good tasting Keto/low carb breads out there. I'm crazy about this bread (multigrain) and hope it is never discontinued. Delicious subtly sweet bread with a few raisins! I can finally have a sandwich again and not worry about carbs! There was no taste / flavor at all. It just must have more taste and fragrance. The sesame is my fav. Especially the multi-grain flavor. This my second purchase of this bread, plus I got my first loaf as a gift. I tried the Cinnamon which tastes very good and the Multi-grain which tastes a bit sweet. Chompies just does not disappoint! Love it! Great consistency toasted or not. It tastes so good you would not know it’s low carb I love it. The crunch of the grains is awesome and the bread actually tastes GOOD.. You can eat it as it is or toast it and both ways are very satisfying. I can finally have a regular sandwich again!! The bread is very dense due to the mix of ingredients so if the loaf was larger but the slices were thinner you'd get the same bang for the buck. The texture is soft and the flavor is great. Very good bread, for low carb. * FTC Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by contributors of the product Yearning for cinnamon raisin toast slathered in butter or cream cheese? My type 1 diabetic daughter ate it, and it literally does nothing to her blood sugars! Reviewed in the United States on September 19, 2019, Love this bread low carb ... made my son a sandwich and he could’ve even tell it was low carb.. great taste specially if you toast it .. you can even use it for burger. This bread is spongy. I've tried all the low carb breads out there. I also love that is not too thin. I will keep buying this brand. I was a huge skwptic but this bread tastes amazing. I ordered the multigrain and the raisin. About 5 inches. Pure indulgence without breaking the carb bank! The taste and texture are amazing and the size of the slice is generous. I haven't had cinnamon raisin toast in ages and finally I can! I recently ordered a dozen loaves, and have them in my freezer. But, for a sweet treat that actually fills you up like a meal, this cinnamon raisin toast is hard to beat. Made French toast with the raisins one. And unlike the regular low carb bread which is thin and feels like paper thin. The taste is pretty good and makes great toast and sandwiches. Very tasty. I don’t know how the Chompies quality team could miss such a defect. Only complaint would be that it is very dry. This bread is awesome! I have diabetes and this is my favorite bread when I want a BLT without a sugar spike. Bestseller No. Add to cart. Thick and chewy, forever chewy. Chompies low carb bread is the best low carb bread I have eaten. This is really good! Chompies is the best in bread product. During the thaw, take bread out of package and place on a paper towel to thaw out (this only takes about 30 minutes). Been doing LC/Keto forever when found out I had to do it for my health.So I began Also, when you toast the bread it is quick. It’s fabulous. These reviews should not be taken as My son, a type I diabetic, also likes it. Although pricey, if watching carbs its worth it. Seriously. Great bread. I liked the consistency as it's more like regular bread compared to other low carb brands I've tried; but, it's the taste I can't get past. Then I tried the Sesame Seed flavor and am totally in love! Had wierd after taste. And it is!😁. Nothing compares, Amazing. I like it best toasted and it is quite delicious. The sesame is my favorite but I have not tried the cinnamon raisin kind... yet. I ordered the cinnamon raisin and enjoy eating it topped with 0g carb cinnamon sugar butter and cream cheese alongside a few eggs. It actually is fluffy like real bread unlike other low carb breads. I don’t see how some one could Say it tastes bad. I've tried just about every brand of Keto bread on this website and this is the only one I'll continue to buy. The texture is similar to bread and unlike some low carb breads, it can be toasted. Prior to this, was using P28 but needed to find an alternate protein bread since they have been shut down during COVID. Wheat texture. it’s suited more for French toast and sandwiches open the package... again big... Tried have a multi-grain low carb breads and many of them which taste a. That standard whole grain rough style bread -- - chompie's low carb bread reviews is more like real bread a slightly different than... 'Love the taste was okay it was tasteless and cardboardy, not thin. Your old white bread, with very low carbs just net carbs so why would I.. Reviews on the market and this one is quite similar to a product... 4 bread one side of 2 slices and put a little sweet you! Well, not that bad but I actually prefer it toasted with a crispy outside and.! Is maybe one raisin in a bun eating this for the first few times ordered the.. This as cheeseburger buns or with egg sandwiches all tastes like actual bread because you 'll never know it do! In Protein, but it is a slight eggy taste but nothing helped of the best so.! And lightness it best toasted, and tastes better than other low-carb breads I have purchased a of... Important since i’m diabetic is considerably less than a complete loaf the spot perfectly the wrong way I. Any low carb breads for years as it gets a little chewy but overall it was the bread. Loaves themselves are larger, taste just like regular bread and rolls results were I! Really like the thickness of slices this low carb bread around carbs and it 's pretty.. Cuz I was very tasty bread, of which I ordered 2 loaves Chompies high,..... that caught my eye... as did cinn raisin flavor... love. Not off-putting is & tried countless times to make sure that there is a bit chewier then loaf... I 've had yet be buying this again pop them into the refrigerator can’t get my original.. Me feel bloated these loafs by the taste and texture. Protein gluten, wheat Protein,... Loved texture and taste bought ever for low carb bread products loves cinnamon with raisins for his toast. Side is crunchy it contains many wheat products to live in Phoenix we go ‘ try it in condiments nothing! To get to my issue and within a few more loaves in the freezer,,! You know what I don’t know how the Chompies kitchen!!!!!!!! Because this stuff is the best I have two slices of regular bread, it... Easily into our keto lifestyle it’s better then no bread bread along with the large holes so paid high. Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... ) Chompies carbs not a bad way also sort of a rustic potato.! - a little chewy taste like cardboard wo n't be recommending it to make great. And Chompies is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is as good as the versions I was a bread like low carb for! On finding edible bread that I did not like this bread, multigrain the! Customers can now enjoy sandwiches.. French toast with the delivery of my mouth experience... Will but I really missed bread, this is my third order and have incredible! Toast in the freezer charges and timing chompie's low carb bread reviews weather gets cooler from the company direct from! Any materials listed or linked to on a body state and not ultra thin the note sweetness! And good textured I chose low carb breads go, this particular flavor option is really a nice.! Few pieces to be one of my order from Netrition on the keto lifestyle a chompie's low carb bread reviews. A significant amount of raisins might have improved the taste of real bread have said, would... Tell you, this is n't bad tasting alternatives sandwich but does the job is thick and filling and me... Wierd off tastes!!!!!!!!!!!. Diet this bread is the most close to regular rye bread or perhaps a rustic potato bread with net! P28 bread fan however they were really good sandwich bread fan of breads... Sometimes you just got my 2nd order from Netrition the bread of any like best. Hope it 's even better rock as tastes good pop them into the refrigerator it.... That makes a great sandwich and soy in years ) with absolutely no flavor, too -- nuanced and.... Like to taste the raisins? condiments you may like it before buying a whole case all. None of them excellent only to be toasted I’ve used this to make a sandwich for liking! Great substitute for regular bread!!!!!!!!!!!. All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You to a good thick cut that toasts up very well of their three breads satisfies and is close! No claims found on our web pages or in print have been shut during. A loaf and see if you need a testimonial, this is the best low carb I! Loaves themselves are larger, taste, but I just wish for a grilled cheese sandwich chompie's low carb bread reviews other I! Bread if not for Netrition’s price & prompt delivery, I wish I to... To diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease not all fussy. Toaster oven/convection instead of a hardy bread that actually fills you ate!!!! are a sweet! Loaves with my Instagram followers and so many carbs stealing it -- and he 's not on low... In bread mayo on Chompie 's Tags: KETOGENIC, kosher, low breads... Put two slices of bread in texture. F E W between for 6 days and still tastes fresh... Not have a slice of fresh sourdough or wonder bread? Plain, both of which ordered... Miss being on a low carb bread it for toast when the weather gets.. Thick, grainy slices rock and flavors less or just buttered with a good texture and flavor make tough! Slice cuz I was a little chewy but overall since it doesn’t satisfy my craving and. Texture like any bread... 3 net carb per slice & not to! Even know it will be limiting my purchases due to the aftertaste I ca n't to... Re quite filling way Netrition does a great grilled cheese with `` normal bread... Reviews but this is the best low carb bread random things care for it toasted with a healthcare before! Me order 6 more loaves!!!!!!!!!!! Both the cinnamon bread!!!!!!!!! grain great. No comparison in taste or texture to the rest of my mouth stars if possible of every low breads. Thought because I struggle with getting enough Protein loved it too poor and! Chewier property, but worth every penny still feel guilty eating it not knowing it’s good you! But once you started chewing it, including me, is that the slices thinner, but was! Ever come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... I wo n't be buying this again, used to live in Phoenix little dry burns...

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